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Web Design and Development

“Owning a website presence is easy, having one that gets found in the search engines and gets targeted traffic is what will make your online web design and development a success.”

Barbados Web Design (BWD) is about building websites that establish online authority and drive targeted website traffic through our own proven website development methodologies.

View our flagship website all about Barbados – Totally Barbados.

Working with BWD you can expect validated website coding from W3C Validated HTML to W3C Validated CSS we consistently meet the expectations of the We apply proven programming methods that produce clean and validated code for any website we build. Producing clean coded websites is just one of the basic fundamentals of web design and development that many other web development companies overlook.

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Wireless Services

“Guests traveling to Barbados expect high-speed internet access. Resort owners find wireless high-speed internet access is the most affordable option to provide this service.”

We provide a range of wireless system design, consulting and installation services. For most commercial design/installations, we will be glad to provide a written quote for the equipment and installation services based on a company’s specific situation.

Most home and small office networks are relatively easy to setup. For a small fixed fee, we can install a basic wireless network that allows each of your computers to share an Internet connection and a printer.

Resort owners require extra planning to provide access in most common areas.


Home / Office Wifi Setup

Hosting Services

“Don’t host your business on the same server as gambling, adult, or other undesirable sites, which the search engines like Google™ and Yahoo™ frown upon.”

We offer Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows based server operating environments on Dell hardware. We can tailor a hosting solution to fit your budget and needs or provide you with a fully managed dedicated server.

Barbados Web Design’s servers are co-located at the facility in Dallas, Texas, USA. The data center is located at the edge of downtown Dallas on one of the most fiber rich routes in the city, the fully-equipped, 28,000 square foot facility is staffed around the clock. With uncompromising standards for security, power supply and environmental controls, they focus on connectivity, redundancy and resilience.


Hosting Services